decontam°- Your service partner for cleanroom
garments of all classes

Our company is specialized in services which meet the highest requirements in hygiene and dust-free preparation of cleanroom garments. Our certified cleanroom operations allow professional decontamination for garments of all cleanroom classes, especially for pharma classes A - D and ISO-classes.

With over 25 years of experience in laundry services for cleanroom garments and professional decontamination of apparels, we offer full-service leasing concepts - including stockkeeping of garments, barcode tracking system and support in quality management.

The process of decontam is unique: one garment of each unit of laundered garments is tested on residual-contamination – complying with ASTM F51 - 00 (A). Detailed test results are provided with each delivery. The process of steam sterilization is fully recorded.

Since 2 April 2012 we are part of the Berendsen group.

Our customers include pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, producers of medical devices and companies in the electronic and semiconductor industry.


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